I'm Karen Racunas and I am South Park High School's Classrooms for the Future coach.
I am very pleased to be working with our teachers to integrate more technology into their curriculum.

If you need to contact me here are some ways you can reach me.
1. Email me at racunask@sparksd.org
2. My school phone extension is #223
3. Skype: sparkaren
4. 412.655.3111 ext. 223. My cell phone 724-986-1439


One of the things I hear from many of you is that you don't have time to find resources, or you don't know where to look. And if you do find resources, you don't have a lot of time to evaluate them. So one of the resources I'd like to share with you is what I do to stay up with what other educational professionals are doing to stay with or ahead of the wave of new technologies.

Here are a few blogs created mostly by other teachers who have decided to share their experiences, ideas, and resources. I read them as often as possible, or as they are updated. Check them out!

http://tipline.blogspot.com/ This is one of the best resources I have found. Jim Gates writes,"After 30+ years in the field of education I'm now on my own, doing what I LOVE to do - talking about how technology can enhance teaching and learning. I've been around since Commodore 64's and DOS 1.0 and I've seen it all. Now that the world's information is in our pockets I think that the purpose of schools has changed. In this "flat world" it is imperative that we step up to create a world class education for our students. Say it with me. "I DEMAND A WORLD CLASS EDUCATION FOR MY KIDS!"

http://khokanson.blogspot.com/ This blog is intended to capture the thoughts of an emerging edu-blogger committed to creating constructivist learning experiences for students. Please visit The Connected Classroom Wiki for more resources and information

http://www.freetech4teachers.com/ As the name implies, this lists resources you can use for free.