Project Ideas to Enhance Your Curriculum

If you would like to use those laptop computers that are in your classroom and don't know where to begin
or just need to try something different,here are a few ideas we could work on together.

Collaborative Writing (Wikis)
Sometimes one tool will work well for one type of project and a different tool will work well for something else. Wikis are well suited for projects in which collaborative teams write, revise, update, and contribute on a regular basis. Wikis keep track of changes and teachers can monitor progress to see if someone is taking over or if someone isn't doing his or her fair share of the work. Collaborative writing projects can focus on almost any subject.

Safari Montage Live

SAFARI Montage® is the award-winning, Video-On-Demand and Digital Media Management enterprise solution for school districts that enables elegant visual instruction in the classroom. The SAFARI Montage servers not only come preloaded with the finest educational video content available from the world’s leading publishers, but also allow districts to easily upload and mange their own video content by using SAFARI Montage CreationStation®.
The Allegheny Intermediate Unit give free access to Safari Montage to our school district. Go to:

Google Earth
Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps, and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips. You start from a view of Earth from outer space and can zoom in quickly to search for places in your neighborhood. You can also do research for a trip and get directions. You can tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings, save and share searches and favorites, and add your own annotations.

Surveys and Polls
If you want to make a decision and need the input of others or if you want students to learn how to use surveys in class, Zoho Polls ( offers a simple interface.

Student Feedback (Podcasting)
Students can record reflections or responses, listen to their recording,re-recorded or delete. This activity encourages students to become a self-directed lifelong learner and a clear and effective communicator.

Communication Software (Blogs)
A blog is a Web-based publication of periodic journal entries ("posts"), usually presented in reverse chronological order with the most current post appearing first. One way to think of a blog is as an online journal with one or many contributors. Using a blog is similar to facilitating a focus group online.

Video Conferencing
Sometimes video conferencing is the ideal way to gain access to unique expertise, cultures, and locations. Garnering feedback from authentic audiences is a powerful motivator.