Here are some resources you may find useful.

Web 2.0 and other great resources. At these links, we will be looking at a number of Web 2.0 applications. Each application and service listed has a explanation as to what it does. These are some of the Web 2.0 applications and services I use personally and find them to be very useful as I look for ways to engage students. Enjoy!

Frappr - Can create maps that can be embedded into webpages or wikispaces. Maps are for a social network and meeting others around the globe. Can create a virtual tour using this technology. Has a nice layout and the map are Google earth in style and function. Not as high quality and don't have the ability to zoom to the ground.

Animoto - Video creation site. Here the user uploads pictures to the site, adds music from the site, and with a single click can create a short 30 second clip of your photos. Can purchase a full length video option. After video is complete simply copy code and past it into web page or wikispace to play an intro to what the user will experience at your site. Has other options to play around with and explore.
CircaVie - Great site for creating timelines. As a history teacher see a great deal of potential with adding text, dates, and pictures to create informational timelines relevant to my classroom. Would be a great exercise for students to create a visual blog, diary, or class project. Only thing needed for this is an AIM account to use service.
Skrbl - Interactive whiteboard on-line can have a number of people working on the same board at once. The Board can be linked to a web page or wikispace and with a click the classroom is lookig at the same space. I've used this with a interactive whiteboard for creating lists, diagrams, etc... Would be great for Math class and having students interact with material from seats rather than coming up to the board. - Social bookmarking site. If your tired of storing all your bookmarks on one machine and sending emails to yourself with great links you like to work try this service. Withthe service you can publish a website to your account and have access to them regardless or where you are or what computer your on. Can tag, bundle, and write notes about the bookmark itself.
SlideShare - Upload PowerPoints to is site and make them accessible to students, colleagues, and other around the web. Copy code to web page or wikispace and have a the presentation available when you page loads or direct them to the site and do a search for the presenatation. Can also create a slidecast where you can link a podcast to you slideshow and have your voice play behind the presentation.
SplashCast - Video site, where you can incorporate many different sources into one presentation such as pdf, pictures, video, rss, ppt and much more. All this information allows the user to create a presentation that includes all relevant material for students and colleagues to see.
EyeSpot - Video site which allows for user to create a video and render the video in an avi, wmv. qt, and mp4 format. Can also have the videos encoded for psp game devices. Videos can be downloaded or embedded in webs or wikispaces. Great for making video mobile or putting it on a page for all to view. Videos can be made public or private.
Twitter - Let everyone know what your doing before, during, or after you have done it. Follow others and what they are doing to get ideas for your classroom. Site allows for following people socially. Can allow anyone to follow you or set up to get permission to follow.
Go2Web20 - Great source for finding out the latest in Web20 technology and applications. At the site one has the ability to see specific applications that are available to all of us out on the web. Click on an application of interest and a summary of the application will appear at the bottom of the screen, click the link to further explore.
Widgetbox - Great site if you looking for widgets to put into your webpage. Simply browse the content copy the code and insert into your webpage, wiki, etc.. Really adds spice to your web content.
Grazr - Great online resource for organizing your RSS feeds. Follow this link to see an example of my class podcast page. This service allows the user to quickly recieve update content in one convient place. Is a great resource for organizing and making your podcasts/vodcasts accessible in one convient location without have to subscribe to iTunes.
Blabberize - This is a great service which allows the user to upload pictures to it. These pictures can then be transformed into talking heads by selecting the area you want to move during the speaking and record your own voice. You have 2 minutes of audio for the recording. Nice way to introduce a topic to a class or have a "discussion" between two talking heads.
HtmltoWiki - Great resource for people using wikispaces and want to create more engaging content in their wiki. In this service simply copy the html you want to display in the page into the html box. Next hit the convert button and the service will convert the html into usable wikimedia. Jeopardy game maker. - With you have to save the text as a .jpg file to your computer and upload it to the wiki like a file. This prevents the adds from scrolling across the text if you embed it to the site.