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Karen Racunas - Coach

I can't believe another school year is here again! I want to thank the staff at South Park High School for making me feel welcome last year and it is so good to be back. I hope this year to continue some of the projects we started last year and go on to bigger and better ones. If we have not met, please come and say "Hi" in the first floor instructional planning room.

The Classroom for the Future program is primarily a high school support and reform program. With the infusion of 21st Century technology and laptops for students in the classrooms, educators are able to change their teaching practices through extensive professional development. A primary aspect of the Classrooms for the Future initiative is an on-site coach in each participating school.
As the South Park Classrooms for the Future Coach, I am here to help you to effectively incorporate technology into your
curriculum. Please let me know how I can help you. If you have a topic that you are teaching, I can help by finding resources and websites that can enhance your lesson. If you have a project you have been wanting to incorporate, let me know and we can try this NEW approach together.


Instructional coaches can help alleviate anxieties and some of the burden of change.

Instructional coaches are intended to be partners in the process. Working one-on-one with teachers, the coach can work with teachers to make it easier to adopt the instructional methods that can make a difference to students' success.

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